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Woman exposes a SA-based Prophet. Miracle tricks!!!!

A woman who was being used by a well-known Prophet based in South Africa to dupe people is now exposing his secrets behind the ‘miracle healing’.

The woman, identified as Margareth Hlatshwayo, revealed the prophet’s darkest tricks to the Daily Sun, one of the daily papers in the rainbow nation

She claimed that the self-anointed man of God pays an equivalent of about K30 thousand a week to a team of actors to stage the fake healing.
“I was told I must pretend I was healed and expected to testify to living a horrible life before meeting the Prophet who then turned my life around. I couldn’t resist his offer because I needed the money to feed my three children” said Hlatshwayo.

She explained that since she has decided to make peace with God, she does not want others to be misled with the prophet’s secrets in carrying out staged performances.
“I lied to people and agreed to everything the pastor asked me to do”

The prophet, whose identity has deliberately been concealed, cut off the line immediately after the topic was introduced before him.

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