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T.B. Joshua shocks the world: Hits a woman on her pr*ivate parts

A footage of Prophet T.B. Joshua hitting a woman on her breasts during prayers has surfaced.
The Lagos based world renowned prophet and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is seen performing the stunt on a video posted on YouTube.

The incident happened in 2017 on the second day of the highly advertised Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua.
The woman had lined up for prayers for what the Prophet’s official television channel, Emmanuel TV, describes as a problems that “defied” medical science”.

As T.B. Joshua prays for the congregants, he stops before the young woman while shaking both his hands.
While seemingly praying for the lady, Prophet T.B. Joshua hits her tummy a couple of time before going for her chest on the 30 second  mark of the video which has been shared on YouTube by Emmanuel TV, leaving some viewers puzzled as to why the prophet targeted the lady’s breasts.

“In most societies, a man can not touch let a lot hit a woman’s breast area. Gently or not. This is because the chest constitutes a private area for women and those who do so are often accused of harassment” Saul Xholha told this reporter.

He gently hits her other body parts in a sequence.
Immediately, the woman begins to vomit which the Church alleges to be poisonous substance.
“Healed in Jesus Name” proclaims the woman, known as Maria Noemi Fernandez Coronel.
An extension of the video captures Maria giving her testimony, in which she claims to have had recurrent stomach problems.

“I had a moving object in the stomach like a living creature…I could stay for 15 or 22 days without going to the toilet” she claims.

“Doctors could not diagnose my problem. After learning through the media the coming of Prophet T.B. Joshua  and having watched his YouTube videos, my faith grew and I knew I would be healed”, she add.
“After attending the Crusade and following T.B. Joshua’s prayers, I can now go to the toilet without any medication. I thank Jesus and Prophet T.B. Joshua” says Maria.

Watch the TV below that has been shared by Emmanuel TV, a subsidiary of SCOAN.
HMMMMM Maybe the woman complained about her private part and that is why the prophet decided to touch the helm of her grament. Strictly nonsense and delusion.

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