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RCCG pastor Enoch Adeboye narrates story of how 'God drank tea with him'
In a recent news, it was gathered that the pastor had shared a story of how he had tea with God during breakfast a longtime ago. 

The pastor had shared the story during a church service to boost the faith of his congregation. On Friday, March 1, before the pastor's birthday, the church had held her monthly Special Holy Ghost Service which was ministered by the pastor at the Redemption Camp in Lagos. 

During the service, the pastor shared the story of how he had tea with God. According to him, he was in Ilorin, Kwara state, with his wife and they were both having breakfast when he noticed that the tea finished before it should have. 

The RCCG general overseer noted that he then heard the voice of God, telling him he had invited him to eat with them before they began eating. Pastor Adeboye also revealed that his relationship with God is a special one that is difficult to describe to others. 

Read story below:
"I want to beg you from the bottom of my heart cos this night is like no other night, I can’t tell you all the details but there are things that God will tell me that I dare not share. I have shared some things before in the past that created a problem for me…you want me to tell you one of them…if it is going to help your faith, I will tell you. I was in Ilorin years ago, we were having breakfast, and we have a pot then for always making tea. And if I remember correctly, there are five cups then in that pot, my wife and I usually use take it turn by turn till the final cup….so that day, i took one, she took one, i took one, she took one and then i put my hand in the pot to take my third one which is the last cup in the pot..but it was empty, I looked at her, I couldn’t remember seeing her take the cup, so i wondered what happened to my tea and lo behold, i heard the voice of the lord loud and clear, saying ‘son, when you prayed, you invited me to join you….ah…..and i did’…some of you don’t know why i call him daddy, it is cos we have a relationship that is difficult to describe…this is a special anniversary, my daddy is here to celebrate with us, prayers prayed tonight will be answered by fire.” 

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