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Pastor cries out after realising all 3 children are not his, reveals he is infertile
A Nigerian pastor has made a ground-shaking revelation that is very intriguing. He came out in the open to assert that all his three children are not his. By implication, his wife who is also a minister of sorts has been cheating on him all through the eight years of their marriage. 

The pastor in question did not base his accusation on assumptions alone, he actually has evidences to prove his claim. First off, he revealed that he was infertile. According to him, five years before he met his wife, he was involved in an accident with his friends. Although he survived, he was told that the incident had rendered him infertile and unable to father a child. 

However, despite this disability, he has gone on to 'father' three children. Suspecting a foul play in the matter, the pastor did a DNA on his kids and he found out that they were not his. According to him, the annoying part was his wife was always at the forefront of telling women to be faithful to their partners. 

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