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Photo Nigerian bags six life sentences, 129 years imprisonment for human trafficking in Sou
Posted by: Administrator - Yesterday, 06:03 AM - Forum: Crime - No Replies

Six life sentences and an additional 129 years imprisonment was meted out to a Nigerian national for human trafficking and related charges after he kept three young girls hostage to work as sex slaves.


Judge Natvarlil Ranchod, sitting in the Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, South Africa on Wednesday cited experts as saying that human trafficking is increasing worldwide. It not only caused trauma to the victims, but also to communities.

Criminals view it as a thriving business as sex slaves often young girls can be used over and over to generate money for their brothel masters. But the judge made it clear that the court viewed human trafficking in an extremely serious light and it will be met with the harshest sentences possible. The court heard evidence behind closed doors for months from, among others, three young victims around the age of 13 and 14, who were lured from the streets by recruits – other young girls – used by brothel master Ediozi Odi. These girls were mostly vulnerable and came from poor families. They were lured to a house in Springs with promises of a better life. None of these victims had any idea they were entering Odi’s brothel – a house which masqueraded as a shop and a barber.

Once inside the house of horrors, these girls were immediately forced to smoke a drug called “rocks”. This was manufactured and sold by Odi and is believed to be highly addictive, IOL reported. An expert told the court that once these girls were exposed to this drug, they were immediately hooked. He said they would do anything to get their hands on the drug. The girls told the court how they were taught to smoke the drug by one of Odi’s co-accused, Nomsa Hlalele. Once high on the drugs, Odi himself raped these girls “to teach them the tools of the trade” as an initiation into the sex trade. The victims were locked up in the house for the duration of their stay, while Odi send his workers to prowl the streets for prospective clients. They were also locked up in a dungeon under the floor of the house whenever the police raided the house. A 14-year-old teenager was only rescued after a year, while two other victims were able to escape after a week when the police raided the house following a tip-off that the brothel master was going to move them to another premises. The girls were paid for their prostitution by means of drugs and they got hardly any food. The brothel master took all their proceeds. The court also heard evidence that some police officials were bribed to turn a blind eye as to what was happening in the brothel. Judge Ranchod said that on the other hand, these girls were saved by other SAPS officials who took their work seriously, the IOL report also stated.

Odi, who was convicted on 24 of the 29 charges against him, sat emotionless as Judge Ranchod told him “You were the kingpin.” The judge also commented that Odi was aggressive at times in court and he even threatened his co-accused. One of the female co-accused who had been acquitted at a stage leaped from the dock where she sat next to Odi and ran to her lawyer as Odi was threatening her. The judge referred to pictures handed to court of the dungeon where these girls were often kept, as well as the filthy and unhygienic brothel that was littered with condoms. Judge Ranchod also referred to the fact that Odi used his co-accused Hlalele and Luke Botha as drug runners. They often had to fetch drugs from other suppliers as well as ingredients to manufacture his own drugs. The two drug runners each received a suspended sentence for the possession of drugs, while Odi received three life-sentenced on three charges of human trafficking and three more life sentences for each charge of rape. His bid to appeal against his convictions and sentences were also turned down. The victims have meanwhile been reunited with their parents and Hlalele, who had a baby a few weeks ago, is drug-free.


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  Sambisa Grazing Reserve Ideal For Ruga, Says Obaseki
Posted by: Administrator - 07-25-2019, 07:27 AM - Forum: Political news - Replies (1)


“The Sambisa Grazing Reserve is an ideal and symbolic place to take-off by establishing a ranch run by the military. It would significantly improve the security situation in the zone and encourage cooperation between pastoralists and the military."

odwin Obaseki, Governor of Edo, has advised the Federal Government of Nigeria to start the proposed Ruga settlement for herdsmen in the Sambisa Grazing Reserve in Borno State, TheCable reports.
Sambisa, which is a national forest reserve, has served as a hide-out for Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria's northeast region.
Obaseki made the comments while speaking at a lecture in Abuja on Tuesday. 
He said, “The Sambisa Grazing Reserve is an ideal and symbolic place to take-off by establishing a ranch run by the military. It would significantly improve the security situation in the zone and encourage cooperation between pastoralists and the military."
The governor called on the Nigerian Army to collaborate with pastoralist to create ranches, "in the Gidan Jaja Grazing Reserve (565,000 ha) for the same purpose of improving security and cooperation with pastoralists (NWGPG, 2018)."
He said it is important for the Federal Government to make a distinction between conflict as a result of economic activities and deliberate conflict which is related to terrorism.
Obaseki called on the Federal Government to invest in other businesses apart from pastoralist and herdsmen to avoid a breakdown of law and order.  

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  Nigerians ordering pizza in from London on British Airways, agriculture minister says
Posted by: Administrator - 07-24-2019, 11:15 AM - Forum: General Discusion - No Replies

Nigerians are ordering pizzas from London and transporting them over 3000 miles using British Airways, the country’s Minister of Agriculture has claimed.
According to Audu Ogbeh, the African nation’s new international takeaway trend has become “annoying” and officials are desperate to bring an end to it. 

Speaking at a Senate committee hearing in Abuja, the 71-year-old politician said: “They buy in London, they bring it on British Airways in the morning to pick up at the airport. 

“It is a very annoying situation and we have to move a lot faster in cutting down some of these things.”

Although Mr Ogbeh did not specify which Nigerians were making the orders, his comments raised a few eyebrows and prompted a mixed reaction on social media.

One person tweeted: “Dear @British_Airways, how come you didn't tell us you run a pizza delivery service to Nigeria? Is there an app for this?“ 

Another said: “What’s the crime there? Doesn’t the same BA flight return to London with fresh vegetables from Anambra? If people like UK pizzas what’s wrong with that?”
The minister’s remarks were in response to the Nigerian government plans to cut down on imports in a bid to stop citizens importing anything from rice to tomato paste because they think "it shows status, class, that they only eat imported things."

He claimed the habit was damaging the country’s economy.

‘Nigeria is a nation of importers. toothpick every year costs us 18 million dollars; tomato paste costs us 400 million dollars, meanwhile, a basket of tomatoes is less than N2000 (£4). “The farmers are losing money because the processors do not have enough funds to set up factories.”
The Independent has contacted British Airways for comment.


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  Police smash sex crime gang, arrest six
Posted by: Administrator - 07-10-2019, 02:51 PM - Forum: Discussion - No Replies


European police have arrested six suspected members of a Finnish-led gang who trafficked women for sex, seizing almost three million euros in assets in four countries, officials said Wednesday.

The operation code-named “Webmaster” also shut down 16 websites advertising sexual services and led to the arrest of the alleged ringleader based in Marbella in Spain, the EU’s police agency Europol said.
Two other suspects were also arrested in Spain and others in Malta, Romania and Finland.

The suspected leader of the criminal group has carried out criminal activities in at least 15 countries,” said the Hague-based Europol, which coordinated the operation together with EU legal agency Eurojust.
“He used intermediaries to channel criminal proceeds to international multi-currency bank accounts” and also used small amounts of crypto currencies, it said.
The women were mainly Nigerian and worked as prostitutes in Finland and Sweden, Eurojust said in a separate statement.

Police have now frozen the suspects’ bank accounts in 12 different countries including in Hong Kong, as well as seizing luxury cars, jewellery and about 30,000 euros in cash, Europol said.

Spanish authorities opened their investigation three years ago into the group, which is said to have made some 40 million euros in criminal profits since 2010.

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  Evidence of a culture of sexual abuse at TB Joshua’s church (part 2)
Posted by: Administrator - 07-09-2019, 04:03 PM - Forum: Faith and Doctrines - No Replies

As young people in the church, we were discouraged from having time to think. Andreas’ wife once said to me ‘As young people, your mind is always busy with negative, evil thoughts, with temptations. You need to work, work, work for God so that you don’t have time to think. Your work for God is your relationship with God’. This is another damaging teaching from the SCOAN. It is how much you ‘’work’’ for God that determines your standing before God. And by work they mean editing videos of TB Joshua or working for Emmanuel TV.

By November 2013, I was losing my mind.I gradually discovered that I was not the only girl being abused. This was going on with three other young women at the time. I confided in an older woman in the church called Sandra* and we went to confront Andeas. When we went to his office he said that I had a problem, that I needed prayer because I had seduced him. When Sandra* left, he told me that it was an evil spirit in me that had made me tell her. I told him that he had never been a true pastor for me and that he had totally destroyed my spiritual life.

When the matter became known amongst a small group of us, Andreas panicked and admitted that he had he begged TB Joshua to call him back to Nigeria. Before he left, he said to me ‘you are incapable of living without me. You can never remove what you have in your heart for me.” I then asked him ‘How do you think God sees our relationship?’ He looked at me as if I’d said something weird and said ‘God? He sees it as wrong. But as long as He is first in our hearts, God doesn’t pay attention to this kind of thing. And anyway, you cannot remove what you have in your heart for me.’
One of the main ways SCOAN have tried to cover up this issue was by preaching ‘forgiveness’. Andreas made sure that every sermon after this confrontation was about how if we don’t forgive, God would never forgive us. And by forgive he meant never speak about it, never tell anyone, suffer in silence.

Andreas’ wife appeared to know nothing, and when he left for Nigeria, most members of the branch was still under the impression that he was a wonderful, exemplary pastor. Once he was gone, I knew the situation couldn’t go on with this level of hypocrisy, so I booked a flight and went to Lagos to report him to TB Joshua. In my mind I was so sure that as a man of God, he would have the answer and everything would be alright. I was very mistaken.
After asking to see TB Joshua for 2 days, I was finally let into his office. I brought with me a letter signed by 8 people in Athens. In the letter we begged TB Joshua to take action, to condemn what Andreas had done and to confirm that he would never allow him to return to Athens.TB Joshua said the following shocking sentence:

What happened to you happened in the house of God, which means God is aware. If it had happened out in the world, it would be very bad, but because it happened in the house of God, it’s ok’.
Surely sexual abuse is terrible wherever it takes place, ESPECIALLY in the house of God?

He then looked at me very sternly and warned me ‘not to discuss it with anyone’. He said I should tell the people in Athens that the past is over and they should not think about it anymore, that he didn’t even need to read the letter. We should all move on.

This was TB Joshua’s first attempt to cover up the issue. Nothing changed after that. Andreas continued to be a disciple, his wife continued to run the branch without the knowledge of anything and we were all supposed to continue just as we were before. I now realize his incapability to deal with my own situation is because he was incapable of dealing with his own unresolved situations.

I returned to Athens and we up telling his wife the whole truth. She refused to believe us, we were banned from the church and called liars, prostitutes and betrayers of the ministry. SCOAN members all over Greece were split between believing us and not believing us. Most people called us blasphemers. When seen on the street we would be given dirty looks by church members. This was going on for a month and TB Joshua was doing nothing about it, despite our hundreds of emails asking for help. One evening, we were shocked by a phone call from TB Joshua himself. He said the following ‘I want you to be by Andreas’ side when he returns to Athens, you know, as a wise man like Harry’. We felt defeated. How could Andreas be sent as a wise man after all this? He tried telling us that he would send Andreas as a wise man in order to silence us with the fear that he would return as a holy man of God. When he saw that this tactic didn’t work, he sent Wise Man Harry to claim that TB Joshua never knew him in the first place. This showed terrible judgment and confusion on the part of TB Joshua.

After I told my parents the truth, they wrote an email to TB Joshua threatening to sue the ministry and Andreas if action was not taken and we were not justified. They demanded that a representative of the branch who can speak Greek be sent to sort the situation out. Hundreds of emails had been sent by SCOAN Athens members but TB Joshua had done nothing about it. The moment he was threatened however, he responded. 2 days later Wise Man Harry was sent to Athens. We were hopeful because we thought we would finally be vindicated- but no such thing.

Wise Man Harry stood on stage at about 12pm on Sunday June 1st 2014. He delivered a sermon of lies to the congregation. TB Joshua totally disassociated himself with the branch and denied having any connection with Andreas. There was no mention whatsoever of sexual abuse or the names of any girls. Wise man Harry was told by TB Joshua to say that it was Andreas’ arrogance and anger that led him to open the branch without the permission of TB Joshua. It’s interesting how for 8 years, SCOAN claim that they had no control over the Athens branch and that it was opened by Andreas on his own. If that is truly the case, then why are there videos all over youtube saying ‘TB Joshua has sent the anointed water to the Athens Branch? Why is there a whole DVD of wise man Harry holding a service at the Athens Branch? Why did they have the control to close it 8 years later? Why were the tithes of the branch sent to Nigeria and used for TB Joshua’s expenses? Why were most of the church members Emmanuel TV partners? Why did TB Joshua call us from time to time during a Sunday service in Athens and ‘greet his people’ over loudspeaker? And why up until June 1st was there a section on the SCOAN website called ‘Branches’ which included Athens with the address and phone number?

Harry’s message brought tension and confusion throughout the congregation. When people stood up and protested to what he was saying he said ‘do not blaspheme the name of Jesus Christ’, after he had just told lie upon lie to cover the reputation of the ministry. You can listen to the full audio recording and read the transcription in the other article. Shortly after this, a riot broke out amongst SCOAN followers and armed riot police had to come and break it up. By the next day, the Athens Branch was closed down and outraged members gathered outside to ask for their money and possessions back, having made huge financial investments in the church over the last eight years.

Unfortunately this is just the way SCOAN deal with their issues. TB Joshua will pay any price for the sake of his reputation. He did not care for the broken hearted. He totally betrayed his faithful followers. He will stop at nothing to protect the name of the church while people suffer. It is a dangerous organisation. I want to mention that I was a young person who had given my heart entirely to this ministry. I waited patiently for TB Joshua to be the man of God he claims to be but I was devastated and my life was turned upside down by the level of deception and hypocrisy.
This ministry is very good at putting on a very attractive performance but unfortunately that’s all it is. At the end of the day the life and soul of this church is about the worship of TB Joshua alone. The moment you start to think for yourself is when you become a threat to them.

I know that SCOAN will respond to this article with it’s usual attacks. There are disciples in the ministry who are specifically dedicated to this activity. This is the reason they film your confession when you first join the church. They hold you hostage with the knowledge that your intimate confessions could be made public at anytime in the future. I am sure they will do the same with me but it’s a price I’m willing to pay.

It’s hard to believe these serious allegations when you have dedicated your heart and soul to the ministry. I know I once read TB Joshua Watch and refused to believe a word of it. SCOAN will always say that people speaking against the ministry are of the devil. It’s not true. We are all people who have had a terrible experience and want to warn others. It does not benefit me in any way to share my experience with you. If anything, it’s incredibly risky and difficult. But if this can help someone then it’s worth it.

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  Evidence of a culture of sexual abuse at TB Joshua’s church (part 1)
Posted by: Administrator - 07-09-2019, 04:00 PM - Forum: Faith and Doctrines - No Replies

I’m writing this article because I want to share my experience of SCOAN. I am yet another person who has seen the truth behind this organization and it’s necessary that I put my story out there. I know that SCOAN are going to respond by humiliating me as they always do to ex members (via the Watch TB Joshua Blog) but if I can share this story and help even one person see the truth about this church, it’s worth it.

As you have most likely heard, on June 1st 2014, the Greek branch was shut down. Wise man Harry paid a visit and told the members of the congregation that it was never a branch in the first place. It was opened without the permission of TB Joshua by the disciple Andreas and his wife. To our astonishment, he said that if one were to look at the legal documents, TB Joshua’s name would not be found anywhere. Andreas opened the branch on his own accord, with a lot of anger and disrespect towards TB Joshua. In fact, he said, TB Joshua does not have any branches anywhere in the world. You can listen to a live recording of this attached in another article.
This was very confusing for the members of the Athens Branch, myself included. I had been an active member of both the London Branch and the Athens Branch for over three years and now their existence was being denied. TB Joshua was completely disassociating himself from the events that led to the closure of the branch. I am now going to explain what those exact events were.

The Athens Branch was in fact a fully functioning official branch of SCOAN. Wise man Harry had been given instructions by TB Joshua to lie. I was amongst the youth that worked full time in the church and was very close to Andreas (who had been running the branch for eight years). I was also one of the 11 girls who had been sexually and emotionally abused and manipulated by Andreas. The previous article referring to the closure of the branch states it was only 4 girls, however now we have discovered that at least eleven girls in the youth have been harassed sexually by Andreas. Before it began, he spent months creating a close relationship of trust with me and gave himself the place of a mentor in my life. He used the title ‘man of God’ to force people into doing what they didn’t want to do.
Looking back on it now, it’s as if his tactics were learnt from TB Joshua. After listening to Bisola Johnson on Deception of the Age documentary describe the ways that TB Joshua sexually abused her, I was shocked to find that it is exactly the same as my own and other girls’ experience. In fact, one of the first things Andreas told me was that TB Joshua slept with a girl and she left the ministry for something that was actually a blessing to her. He said ‘any contact you have with an anointed man of God is a blessing’. He also once told me ‘sex is not bad, it’s the love of sex that is bad’. He actually used the Bible to justify his actions and read from Songs of Solomon.
And while this was going on, I wasn’t the only girl. A few years prior to this, [———details removed due to ongoing investigation———].

He would very frequently have girls in his office for hours. While my own abuse was taking place, I had no idea other girls were undergoing the same terrible situation. It was sick how he could do what he was doing with young women right before service, and then come out and preach to the congregation about holiness and putting God first. Bisola Johnson describes that TB Joshua would abuse her before service and then come out and preach as well. It’s as if it was a tactic that Andreas picked up from TB Joshua. Anytime his wife was around he would be cold and distant with us, ignoring us. The moment she left he would become a different person. His ways were manipulative. With me he would often be very warm and welcoming or extremely cruel and condescending- never in between. We all spent a lot of time wondering what we had done wrong. Before workers’ meetings took place, he would prepare untrue accusations and make one worker to publicly falsely accuse another. A disciple later told me that this is a common practice used in SCOAN to test people’s characters and faith. Nobody in the church trusted each other. We were all afraid of being reported- another characteristic of SCOAN. Andreas would also discourage me from having a close relationship with any of the other girls and say that he was the only one that should know my secrets. I now realise that this was a tactic to avoid us talking to each other about the things he was doing.

I have heard the stories of three different women who will remain anonymous that have been sexually abused by TB Joshua. Like Andreas, he also used strange excuses to justify his actions. In some instances, he has said that having sexual relations with him will purify a woman. As someone who has been through it myself by his disciple Andreas, I know that you do not wake up one morning and make something up like that. To go from being someone that has given their life to the church to turning against the church, something must have happened. SCOAN call it ‘blasphemy’ and that you are demon possessed if you speak against the ministry. This is a way of keeping the members brainwashed and in fear. In fact, a few members of the ministry who I told my story to, although they believed me, have now shut me out of their lives. They are so afraid of turning against a ‘man of God’ that they would rather live a lie than face reality. This is one of the key characteristics of cults.

I asked Andreas to stop this sick relationship twice and he would always start it again. It’s as if he was convinced it was the right thing to do. When I eventually took this issue to Nigeria, TB Joshua’s inability to deal with the situation made me realize that it was because he couldn’t deal with his own urges and lack of control. I will move on to this later.

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  Woman exposes a SA-based Prophet. Miracle tricks!!!!
Posted by: Administrator - 07-09-2019, 03:26 PM - Forum: Faith and Doctrines - No Replies


A woman who was being used by a well-known Prophet based in South Africa to dupe people is now exposing his secrets behind the ‘miracle healing’.

The woman, identified as Margareth Hlatshwayo, revealed the prophet’s darkest tricks to the Daily Sun, one of the daily papers in the rainbow nation

She claimed that the self-anointed man of God pays an equivalent of about K30 thousand a week to a team of actors to stage the fake healing.
“I was told I must pretend I was healed and expected to testify to living a horrible life before meeting the Prophet who then turned my life around. I couldn’t resist his offer because I needed the money to feed my three children” said Hlatshwayo.

She explained that since she has decided to make peace with God, she does not want others to be misled with the prophet’s secrets in carrying out staged performances.
“I lied to people and agreed to everything the pastor asked me to do”

The prophet, whose identity has deliberately been concealed, cut off the line immediately after the topic was introduced before him.

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  T.B. Joshua shocks the world: Hits a woman on her pr*ivate parts
Posted by: Administrator - 07-09-2019, 03:05 PM - Forum: Faith and Doctrines - Replies (1)


A footage of Prophet T.B. Joshua hitting a woman on her breasts during prayers has surfaced.
The Lagos based world renowned prophet and founder of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is seen performing the stunt on a video posted on YouTube.

The incident happened in 2017 on the second day of the highly advertised Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua.
The woman had lined up for prayers for what the Prophet’s official television channel, Emmanuel TV, describes as a problems that “defied” medical science”.

As T.B. Joshua prays for the congregants, he stops before the young woman while shaking both his hands.
While seemingly praying for the lady, Prophet T.B. Joshua hits her tummy a couple of time before going for her chest on the 30 second  mark of the video which has been shared on YouTube by Emmanuel TV, leaving some viewers puzzled as to why the prophet targeted the lady’s breasts.

“In most societies, a man can not touch let a lot hit a woman’s breast area. Gently or not. This is because the chest constitutes a private area for women and those who do so are often accused of harassment” Saul Xholha told this reporter.

He gently hits her other body parts in a sequence.
Immediately, the woman begins to vomit which the Church alleges to be poisonous substance.
“Healed in Jesus Name” proclaims the woman, known as Maria Noemi Fernandez Coronel.
An extension of the video captures Maria giving her testimony, in which she claims to have had recurrent stomach problems.

“I had a moving object in the stomach like a living creature…I could stay for 15 or 22 days without going to the toilet” she claims.

“Doctors could not diagnose my problem. After learning through the media the coming of Prophet T.B. Joshua  and having watched his YouTube videos, my faith grew and I knew I would be healed”, she add.
“After attending the Crusade and following T.B. Joshua’s prayers, I can now go to the toilet without any medication. I thank Jesus and Prophet T.B. Joshua” says Maria.

Watch the TV below that has been shared by Emmanuel TV, a subsidiary of SCOAN.

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  RCCG pastor Enoch Adeboye narrates story of how 'God drank tea with him'
Posted by: Administrator - 06-20-2019, 01:53 PM - Forum: Faith and Doctrines - No Replies

In a recent news, it was gathered that the pastor had shared a story of how he had tea with God during breakfast a longtime ago. 

The pastor had shared the story during a church service to boost the faith of his congregation. On Friday, March 1, before the pastor's birthday, the church had held her monthly Special Holy Ghost Service which was ministered by the pastor at the Redemption Camp in Lagos. 

During the service, the pastor shared the story of how he had tea with God. According to him, he was in Ilorin, Kwara state, with his wife and they were both having breakfast when he noticed that the tea finished before it should have. 

The RCCG general overseer noted that he then heard the voice of God, telling him he had invited him to eat with them before they began eating. Pastor Adeboye also revealed that his relationship with God is a special one that is difficult to describe to others. 

Read story below:
"I want to beg you from the bottom of my heart cos this night is like no other night, I can’t tell you all the details but there are things that God will tell me that I dare not share. I have shared some things before in the past that created a problem for me…you want me to tell you one of them…if it is going to help your faith, I will tell you. I was in Ilorin years ago, we were having breakfast, and we have a pot then for always making tea. And if I remember correctly, there are five cups then in that pot, my wife and I usually use take it turn by turn till the final cup….so that day, i took one, she took one, i took one, she took one and then i put my hand in the pot to take my third one which is the last cup in the pot..but it was empty, I looked at her, I couldn’t remember seeing her take the cup, so i wondered what happened to my tea and lo behold, i heard the voice of the lord loud and clear, saying ‘son, when you prayed, you invited me to join you….ah…..and i did’…some of you don’t know why i call him daddy, it is cos we have a relationship that is difficult to describe…this is a special anniversary, my daddy is here to celebrate with us, prayers prayed tonight will be answered by fire.” 

Read more: https://www.legit.ng/1225193-rccg-pastor-enoch-adeboye-narrates-story-god-drank-tea-service.html

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Photo Pastor cries out after realising all 3 children are not his, reveals he is infertile
Posted by: Administrator - 06-20-2019, 01:35 PM - Forum: Faith and Doctrines - No Replies

A Nigerian pastor has made a ground-shaking revelation that is very intriguing. He came out in the open to assert that all his three children are not his. By implication, his wife who is also a minister of sorts has been cheating on him all through the eight years of their marriage. 

The pastor in question did not base his accusation on assumptions alone, he actually has evidences to prove his claim. First off, he revealed that he was infertile. According to him, five years before he met his wife, he was involved in an accident with his friends. Although he survived, he was told that the incident had rendered him infertile and unable to father a child. 

However, despite this disability, he has gone on to 'father' three children. Suspecting a foul play in the matter, the pastor did a DNA on his kids and he found out that they were not his. According to him, the annoying part was his wife was always at the forefront of telling women to be faithful to their partners. 

Read more: https://www.legit.ng/1232141-pastor-cries-realising-3-children-reveals-infertile.html

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